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Dam Fishing: How to Do it


A lot of bass anglers are used to fishing in different areas like reservoirs, ledges, offshore pumps, and points.

Even if they are used to these places, they fail to see the dam as a rich opportunity to catch good fish because they have concrete monoliths that can hold a lot of bass.

You can try this yourself and you will be given tips in this post so you’ll know what to do in case you decide to venture into this kind of fishing.

Catching bass is fun and it will give you different kind of fulfillment that get you hooked and make every dam fishing journey memorable and exciting.

Fish For More Than One

You will not be able to catch bass in a dam if you do not really go fishing for them. It is significant that you fish them and do it several times until you succeed.

A lot of people will try fishing in a dam and give up after a few tries and if you do the same, you are not going to be successful.

Spend several hours every day until you get the hand of it. You will also know if it is indeed a good dam to catch bass.

Don’t Be Too Fancy

The tackle manufacturers have created a wide range of products and it that is a very good thing for anglers.

There are benefits that come from doing a bit of exploration of baits techniques that you can try to determine which one works best for you.

One technique that does not get old is keeping it simple. It is better to stick with simple techniques that you are able to execute really well and catch more fish.

You can try several techniques, but the basic and simple way will always be effective no matter how diverse the tackling industry has become.

There Is Less Current If The Temperature Is Less

Once you have spent enough time fishing in dams, you will get a clear idea of how bass swims in them differently depending on the current weather situation.

One thing that you will be able to observe is when there is a drop in temperature, fish will find an area that has less current and stay there for the mean time.

During the summer, bass will come from areas where there is a very strong current.

During fall and winter, bass like to stay in the calmer water parts of the dam. Most people have a misconception that during the winter bass leave the area, but that is not usually the case.

They will relocate to the dead water part of the dam, which is behind and you can still fish for them. You just have to know where they go.

Nearby Points

These nearby points are usually made up of scattered rocks, mud, and similar to fingers, they hold on to logs and limbs of trees while floating downstream when there is a flood.

Bass like to stay behind these because they are big pieces of cover while the current has a very strong flow. You can ambush this area and catch a lot of bass.

Look For Offshore Humps

Regardless if it occurred naturally or it is man-made, any spot that is high and adjacent to a dam draws in a lot of bass.

Bass will start to swim around the hump while the current is slow and hide behind a rock top or a stump when there is a very strong current because they are getting water out of the dam.

Fishing Backwards Is Better

A common mistake that is done by people is they fish in the current “backwards” or they go upstream to get their baits.

This is something that needs to be corrected because bass will always put themselves into the current, which means that if you do it “backwards” you are putting the bait behind them and they will not even see it.

Cast upstream all the time and the bait needs to be brought back in the direction of the current. Of course it is simpler to do it downstream, but your chances of catching bass is five times more if you fish going into the current.

Fish Along Diversion Walls

Diversion walls are made of concrete and they are able to deflect current that really help in stopping erosion of the shoreline that is close to the dam.

This area is a magnet for baitfish and it breaks the current because algae coat this area and you will locate schools of shad that are lurking around them.

Have More Patience

Spending too little time in a dam is a big mistake that a lot of people make. They are quick do to a dam, cast a few times and then look for another dam in case they don’t catch fish within the time that they gave.

There is always that urge to leave right away, but this is something you need to avoid doing because spending more time will only increase your chances of catching bass.

Consider all the factors like rocks, current, and bass hide in certain areas that you cannot always reach unless you wait for them to come out from there.

If you only have patience for one or two casts, there is a big possibility that the bass did not even notice the bait that you threw at them because when it goes over the dam, it is not always the same.

The only way to go is to look for a potential spot and try harder. Make more than 10 casts until you attract fish because they actually saw the bait. Patience and trying harder goes a long way so you can catch

How to Fish for Tuna?


The Yellowfin Tuna can be found in most parts of the world and they reside in warm waters. They are caught offshore and it is a target for a lot of people.

During their lifetime they like to cover long distances and they can grow up to 400 pounds or more if you catch one from the Eastern Pacific and they ae mostly found in Mexico.

If you go to Panama, it is another place to catch tuna that weighs 200 lbs. and due to their size, you will hardly see one jumping out of the water, but sometimes they do come out to reach for a bait.

How to Fish for Tuna?

When you are targeting tuna, the best way is to create a scene that will attract the Yellowfin tuna towards you.

Use squid or fish as bait to lure them behind your boat and the tuna will start to come in and eat the bait while peeling line off the reels so that you will be able to battle with the fish properly.

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Know Where You Are Going To Find Tuna

This can be difficult because tuna moves to different places and it is important that you know where they are at the moment you are out fishing.

What you can do is to join a group people who have information on where tuna can be found.

After a fishing trip, it is good to have people with you who share the same interests as you. This way, you will find out if the tuna is still in that area because of what your friend told you.

If you want to gain knowledge on these places if the tuna will be going there or not, you can buy a satellite service that is paid so that the temperature of the water and chlorophyll concentrations can be detected so you’ll know which area is good for finding tuna.

You can also go to the internet and look for forums that talk about the presence of fish in your area.

Find Where Life Is

If you see that there are fish, birds, bait, turtles, dolphins, and other forms of life this indicates the presence of tuna in that area.

You need to keep an eye out for these forms of life because if you miss out on seeing them, you might’ve just lost a chance to catch tuna. Boats with tuna towers can gain an advantage because of this.

Do not give up and keeping looking for spots where you will find life to catch tuna.

Techniques You Can Use

Tuna is attracted to lures and bait. There are a lot of techniques that will work and they often feed close to the surface which means that topwater techniques can be used to catch them.

Eyesight of tuna is pretty good so using a fluorocarbon leader helps in reducing visibility and comes with the benefit of abrasion resistance.


To troll tuna, you can try cedar plugs, skirted trolling lures made of plastic, and tuna feathers. You can also use lures that are blue, white, or green. You can go for treble hooks that come with single or double hooks because they have lesser tendency to bend or shake.

If you find tuna that is concentrated in one area, you can cast lures to bring them in. You can also use poppers and ranger lures can skip over the surface.

Clarity Of The Water

When you are going fishing offshore, the color and the clarity of the water can help you detect the location of tuna.

Going fishing in canyons is good because you are going to find clear water where you are going to find tuna.

This cannot be applied to inshore 30 fathom line where you will easily find Bluefin tuna because they reside in green waters.

Look For Structure

As we all know, the floor of the ocean is not flat because there is a lot of banks, lumps, shoals, ridges, canyons, and holes.

A lot of these structures have specific names for better identification. These are areas that create places for bait fish and tuna to convene in that spot.

There are structures that have a lot of fish every year, but this does not usually happen because fish and tuna keep on moving. The specific structures can be found using their names and a nautical chart for finding the area.

Prepare Yourself For A Fight

Tuna is very strong and powerful and you will feel it right away when they hit your bait. After catching the bait, they will also move quickly and will peel off the line like crazy.

What you should do is to wear them down if necessary, but be careful not to break the fishing line.

Have The Proper Gear

You are going to need a strong kind of gear because when you fight with tuna, this will be beneficial.

The equipment you need should be of good quality and heavy duty. You should always bring an extra line, other gear, and lures.

Match Your Lures

The size of the lure should be the same as the bait so if you have a small bait, use small lure. Using large bait means you need large lures.

One way of knowing this is by opening up the first fish you caught and investigating what is inside their stomach.

Trolling Speed

A lot of fishermen have a trolling speed between 4.5 to 75 knots. Fishermen that use heavy lures have slower trolling speed if you are letting them run deep in cold water for catching tuna.

Speeds that go faster can cover more ground for finding tuna and then slow down once you find them.

These are the most important things to consider when fishing for tuna because you need specific knowledge and skills to catch them. The feeling of being able to catch tuna successfully is great especially when have been trying for so long.

Benefits Of Spearfishing


Most of the sports men take spearfishing as a sport as it boosts the energy level. People who are fond of spearfishing can get their gears and riffe spearguns online without even searching for them offline.

The main and the most important two tools are spearfishing floats and speargun rubber. A speargun rubber is usually needed by the person when he is using a rail gun. The gun is loaded and small notches are hooked on the spear.

There is a small catch which holds the spear in its place and once the trigger is pulled, it is dropped. The speed of pushing the spear is relatively high so the rail is taken off in a straight line.

A sparefishing float lets you shoot a fish bigger in size. There are a lot of people who love to do spearfishing and there is a lot who don’t know why spearfishing is beneficial.

This is a fact that spearfishing may involve some threats and dangers but we can’t deny from the benefits of spearfishing. Following given are some of the key benefits of sparefishing for the people who do it.

Fresh Fish

One of the key and the main benefit of spearfishing is that we can get availability of fresh fish. Normally the fish we eat is not fresh but in spearfishing, we can immediately cook the fish and get yummy fresh fish to eat. There are a variety of fish which you can hunt in spearfishing.


The other and the important advantage of spearfishing is the physical advantage and that is the people involved in spearfishing get a good chance of exercise and they are more fit and healthy than other people.

Swimming in the water in search for a wish to hunt is a good physical activity and it can burn almost 800 calories in just one hour.

Even when you are in a proper spearfishing suit, you need time and energy to keep your body warm. Diving, swimming and the other fish shooting activities are helpful in burning excessive calories from your body.


You don’t actually fly but to some of the divers, they feel that they are flying while they are diving. It is like slow motion flying and the feeling that time is simply amazing.

The sink phase in diving is considered as a best part because the gravity takes over the diver and the diver glides down through water. You approach your target silently and almost motionless.


There are no distractions deep below in the water. Even when you are on a dive with your friend and he is somewhere nearby but still there is calmness and peace everywhere. There nothing between you and the ocean.

You feel relaxed and comfortable. This is exactly like mediation. When you are deep down in the water, your complete focus is one that moment and there is no chance of your mind getting divert.

Your body and your mind are completely composed and in tune with each other. Some of the people have said that when they are under water, they even can feel their heartbeat and this is the best part of spearfishing.

Get Primal

You get to feel on a primal level especially when you are under water for spearfishing for the first time and you shoot a big heavy fish, you feel like a champion and you feel like you can do spearfishing for the rest of your life.

Because of some of these benefits, spearfishing is the best thing which a person can do once in his life.

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How To Make Fishing Lures


Fishing is a great hobby that encompasses so many activities including the actual fishing, collecting, competitions and even making your own lures.

You can buy a large range of lures at places like Strike King Lures but sometimes it is also good to make something yourself to use.

It is not expensive to make your own lures so you can practice without breaking the bank. There are a couple of different home made lures that you might like to try that won’t break the bank.

First of all, you should realise that your home made lures will not look like the commercial ones that are especially moulded and created to look realistic.

Although yours may not have that sort of sleekness you will find that they will do the job in the right conditions.

Your home made fishing lure will probably look a little rough and stiff but don’t let that fool you. A lot of anglers swear by their home made fishing lures.

The idea is that you are trying to make your fishing lure look like an insect like a butterfly or moth that has fallen in the water and that a bass is attracted to.

When they drop into the water they will initially flop around a bit before floating. Your lure needs to mimic this behaviour.

You can do this yourself by using a cork and covering it in feathers, bark or hair to get the right texture. Use some lead weights to weigh down your lure and paint in enamels that are non toxic a couple of times.

If you have time, try and pick up a moth or some other insect to use as a model for your work. Practice making a few until you are happy with the technique and then take them out and see if the bass will bite.

You can pick up all the supplies that you will need either from your local fishing supply store, hardware store or by mail order. At your local library or bookstore you will also find books and videos so you can teach yourself.

You will be spoilt for choice for supplies if you go online and look at hobby supplies for feathers, shiny blades and beads. Once you have your supplies and have read your manuals you will be making your home made fishing lures in no time.

Once you get the basics of making home made lures you will be able to adapt your knowledge and learn how to make lures from any supplies you may have on hand. You might even enjoy it so much that you can earn a living out of selling your new creations.

Making your own lures is just one more factor that makes the hobby of fishing enjoyable. There are so many aspects to fishing that you can enjoy the choice is endless and there truly is something for everyone.

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Bass Fishing Tips


So you have actually learnt the satisfaction of bass angling as well as currently you find yourself checking out every feasible avenue available to you, to find beneficial bass angling tips which can help you enhance your fishing journeys.

The very first thing that you need to do is to keep in mind to take your all your angling gear with you when you are taking place your fishing trip.

It is absolutely outstanding the amount of fired up brand-new bass fishermen fail to remember to bring all their tools!

And going along that same motif is just one of the actually vital bass fishing tips that you can follow, which is to constantly bring additional of those things which you will usually need, and which you will not be able to purchase when you are out in the middle of a lake with bass attacking throughout you.

One more of the excellent Bass Fishing Tips that you can keep in mind to practice is to always bring your cellphone together with you when you are going fishing.

This might be the very last point that you intend to do, but if you don’t wish to receive any type of phone calls, all you require to do is to transform it off. However crashes can happen especially in the middle of no place and also having a phone useful can be a terrific boon.

And that was enough for the bass angling ideas that are ordinary. If you want to know concerning some wonderful bass angling pointers that will in fact help you to catch some bass, kept reading.

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Bass require to take a breath, so this suggests that you will have the ability to locate them more readily where there is a ready supply of oxygen.

This can indicate bass can be discovered in and around root systems where there can be caught oxygen, and also where the old origins will certainly also bring entraped oxygen.

You will also have the ability to find bass in and around water plants as there is great deals of oxygen to be had here. Fresh moving water additionally contains oxygen, as do cooler waters.

There are also bass fishing pointers which have valuable details such as the truth bass are additionally territorial. This implies that if you come across a great bass angling ground eventually, opportunities are that the bass will be biting around the same area once again the next day.

Nevertheless, you additionally require to factor into this, that bass, specifically the largemouth selection, are ravenous eaters.

This means that even if they are territorial, they will certainly more than likely go where there is even more food for them.

The eyes of a bass are also sensitive to light (this allows them to see in less than clear conditions), as well as consequently when the sunlight climbs high overhead, they often tend to go to cover, which will certainly likewise have food!

Bass fishing ideas are all about assisting you discover the most effective ways to get yourself bass, and by adhering to these you can at the very least have a combating chance at finding some truly good game bass.

Several Things There is a constant Might like to do When You might have an Global Customer Foundation


The neat thing about marketers is which you have the possibility to reach a lot more lifetime value of a customer than it is possible to in a normal physical retailer.

But your extended attain, you must remember which you must also create your internet site with global visitors at heart. There are several things you must never do on your own website if you are trying to bring in global business.

Listed below are four with the biggest mistakes you might make when working with your international customer foundation.

Use Clichés And Also Slang

In terms of getting misplaced in translation, clichés and also slang will be the two things you need to avoid.

However, you might think that you will be being clever on your own website, these phrases are frequently interpreted since disrespectful and also crass for some international website visitors. Your internet site should contain in basic terms English which will be simple to be able to translate also to understand.

Your sentences needs to be short and filled up with basic terms, but nonetheless rich together with descriptions of one’s business along with your products.

In case you are writing your own personal website articles, you would want to go returning to reread everything you have composed down to make sure that almost everything is easy to read in any literal perception.

For illustration, if it is not actually ‘raining cats and dogs, ‘ will not say it is. Have some individuals read your internet site before an individual post that up on the net to make sure you are getting as clear as you can.

Use Some Other Languages Badly

The subsequent mistake that numerous people make making use of their international internet site is to attempt to use a couple of languages coming from various civilizations they appeal to – but this is disastrous.

In the event you haven’t taken enough time to become fluent inside the foreign terminology, you really should not be using it on your own site. In order to that you should utilize a spanish on your internet site is undertake a native presenter write your website for an individual.

It’s basically better in the event you avoid wanting to add inside other dialects too as you don’t need any global customers to be able to feel ‘left out’ due to the fact their terminology isn’t employed.

Not Use a Translation Site

When there isn’t a means for your page being translated to your customers, this may spell problems to your business. Correct, there are usually websites in which profess in order to translate pages to suit your needs, but they’re not at all times reliable.

What you should do is develop a simple Language website and hire any translator to be able to translate it in to the languages that you would like your web site in. Like that, you may have customers simply click onto a fresh link to obtain the site inside their native terminology.

When you never offer this kind of, it can easily look like you’re not really interested in aiding your non-English communicating contingent.

Just Forget About Currency Swap Rates

Needless to say, if you might be selling anything at all, you need in order to price things because the customers will probably be paying for the kids.

Have a forex calculator constructed into your shopping cart application experience to enable you to easily help your web visitors.

That approach, you will get the money in the currency you would like to be paid out in along with your customers use a clear idea concerning how much are going to spending.

You may additionally wish to have a forex calculator around the pages along with your products without the rates clearly altered.

When you are attempting to woo global customers Article Lookup, you must make sure you have got everything they want for the particular transaction to look smoothly and also respectfully.

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