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About Us

Grind Time Now is the World’s largest Hip Hop competitive platform. Founded in 2008 by Joshua “Madd Illz” Carrasco, GTN has evolved into a worldwide network of creatives and sponsors looking to compete in Hip Hop based tournaments and TV Productions.
The Pioneer of the “Battle League” format that is commonly used in today’s rap contests, Grind Time Now has achieved immense popularity on the internet with exponential growth. Many hip-hop industry icons and celebrities as diverse as Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, MTV’s Andy Milanakis, Soulja Boy, Styles P, NBA star Ron Artest, UFC star Rashad Evans, various adult film stars and models, and many more notables are all strong out-spoken advocates of the movement who applaud the hours of entertainment these battles provide.
With over 110 million views on its Youtube channel and a  144 thousand plus subscriber base, Grind Time Now entered the film production market in late 2016. As they prepare to sell their productions, GTN looks to fill their projects through the talents groomed within the GTN network.