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Many of you know by now that the boards on pin me out to be public enemy number one! lol. What they fail to realize is that “Grind Time Now is dead” has been the running theme ever since the first few battles were released. We died at Rock the Bells, we died at Warped Tour, we died at Paid dues festival and now we are dead that news emerges of our recent project which will bring 10,000 plus people to the city of Orlando (click here for the article). What they also fail to realize is that every major name in battle rap still contacts me to this very day to get battles with Grind Time Now. This whole “dead” concept is something their posters hold onto with a passion. I have been quoted as saying that Rapmusic is to Hip Hop what the National Enquirer is to real life world events. This is something that I still stick by as I personally see no change in the rumor infested boards. It has gotten so bad, that actual emcees and league owners across the world sometimes find themselves making career choices based off the activity on those boards. It is a shame when a persons dreams are destroyed by the keyboard warriors over at rapmusic. Ok, I think I covered the board enough for you to know to stay far away from it.

The same day that the Rapmusic boards post a “GT is Dead” thread just so happens to be the same day that posts an article on the open mic I run in Orlando, Fl every week. In an attempt to service my community, I took over this weekly open mic which is free to attend some time ago. Since then, the staff and regulars have managed to make a real impact on the open mic circuit. I now receive phone calls from as far as New York from artists who want a chance to perform at the now famous spot. I was was lucky enough to run into one of the writers for Rapmusic one night and he wrote an article that you might find a very good read. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to the board members who hate us so much. Here is a message to all of you on the rapmusic boards, “You cannot stop positive minded individuals.”

As Grind Time Now begins its climb once again, my staff is prepared to handle all situations like they should have been handled a long time ago. Thank you to the writers over at for spreading our message which is growth through positive influence utilizing Hip Hop as a natural resource.

Please click here to read the article!

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