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#CheckTheTECH: Sweetwater’s Microphone Shootout


Welcome to the first official official edition of Check The TECHnique. Gather round the fire kids and get ready to listen to the first of many chats like this one. If you’re taking the time out to read this it’s cause you’re making your own recordings or working on stuff for homies, clients, etc. and well… You give a fuck.

Congratulations. You are on the first step to audio excellence. Too many folks dive into the whole recording and mixing bit without taking any time to do research or ask any questions beyond what’s the cheapest interface and mic they can get and who’s got the hookup on a bootleg DAW. Thank you for not being one of those.

If you’re like me and a fan of underground rap as well as artist in your local community, you’ve heard a TON of shitty recordings and mixes over the years. One of the things that sets those who sound professional and competent apart from those who sound like amateurs and demo artists is the quality of your vocals. Not how well you executed your performance, but the actual SOUND of it. If you’ve ever had those late nights wondering how in the name of (place your god here) they got their stuff to sound so good (or so bad) this post is for you.

The first link in the chain of any recording is the microphone. Honestly microphone selection is one of the most important decisions you make for any recording. Before your interface, before your DAW, before your pre-amp (if you have one, and you SHOULD) comes your MIC. The mic is the first step in your processing chain and each has unique properties that can help shape your final recording dramatically.

Ranging in price from $100 to TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, there are hundreds of  studio mics to choose from in the world. You’re probably wondering how do you narrow it down? Especially when budget is a concern?

Wonder no longer friends. The wonderful folks at Sweetwater (one of the biggest retailers of pro audio gear in the US) have provided us with a 50 microphone shootout to help you in making an informed decision.

Check out their video below explaining exactly how and why they came up with this and then head over to the Microphone Shootout (click HERE) and get a taste of some audio goodies.



ALXMNR (f/k/a Godamus Rhyme) is an artist, producer, and engineer originally from the DMV (DC/MD/VA area) now residing in the OZONE (Orlando). In addition to being co-owner of GrindTimeNow he also runs Heroes 4 Hire, a hybrid consultation and music production house that works with Fortune 500 companies as well as indy labels and musicians. His past solo work can be found on a obscure releases in the US, Japan, and France as well as on the 2007 release "The Stone Quartet" by his former group Caveman Theory.

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