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How I got better at Freestyle

Freestyle rap exercise and how I got better.

During my High School years, I developed a freestyle rap exercise from being bored. Little did I realize it was turning me into a freestyle monster!

Either before or after my shift at Cinnabon (loved that place), I would walk over to the borders books and head to the magazine isle. I was really into freestyle at that point and would pick up a magazine and rap about the pages. This helped with true freestyle rap because you never knew what was on the next page.If I messed up, I would put the whole magazine down and pick up from a new one. Sometimes, I’d bring friends with me and see how far they could get. Pretty soon, I was able to freestyle through a quarter of the rack. A year went by and I am freestyling the whole rack! 2 years… the whole magazine section!

 That is when I knew this game I played with myself was actually doing something to make me better. I found that the objective of the game also diverts your attention from the “what do I say next?” syndrome that every freestyler gets at one point in their attempt. Instead, the subject is focused on “what’s coming next” and is too busy with a sensory overload (turn of the magazine page) to worry about what they are going to say.

My friends, do this simple exercise and it will be EASY to track your progression. Keep going until you can  freestyle the entire magazine section without… ISSUES (pun intended lol)!!!

Keep checking back for more tips on bettering your freestyle game!




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