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Rumble in the Ring: Eleagle

Many years have passed since the first wave of emcees walked through the Grind Time Now doors. Many have moved on to making music and doing other things.  An 8 year span is a very big time frame for most of the young adults involved in battle rap. This is why many will be surprised to see GTN start using some of their older contestants.  “You wouldn’t believe how many dope emcees are sitting in our archive files on Youtube right now!” says GTN CEO, Madd Illz. “When I ran across El Eagle on instagram, I was like holy shit! I remember how dope of a battle rapper he was and how sharp his freestyle game was. If he stuck with it and we didn’t know, he could be a beast! We gotta bring him back!!”


El Eagle was immediately called out to Orlando from his home in New York City for the $1,000 8 man tournament on October 30th. Catch it live or on your Virtual Reality goggles once it releases.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1180584745342001/


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