Retro Wednesday: Lord Finesse vs Percee P


Allow us to introduce, RETRO WEDNESDAY! Every week, we are going to highlight some great moments in Hip Hop that helped shape our culture today. While some of the younger Hip Hop consumers may be unaware of these golden moments, most of us can revisit the “good ole’ days.” One thing is certain, Retro wednesday’s are here to stay!
Today, we bring you two Hip Hop legends for one of the greatest battles of all time! The year was 1989 and Lord Finesse found himself in New York’s Patterson Projects hunting down Percee P. Percee P walks out to confront the rapper and history is made.

In 2003, JUN OKHI released a 30 min short filmed titled “SBX! Holding Down the Tradition.” In this film, the legendary battle is revisted and Hip Hop history is made once more!

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